Your love is a story....

tell it beautifully. 

Meaningful lifestyle photography for real San Diego families.

Your love stories are unique to you.

Each year & milestone is fleeting, and significant in its own way. 

You want to hold on to it. 

I will make a beautiful record of it, so you can keep it forever. 

Love, Michelle Photography

"Thank you, Michelle, for helping us preserve these precious moments in our lives." 

-Laura and David

I'm Michelle, and I see you. 


You want your love stories told through moody, dramatic images. 


Images you can feel, not just see. 

Posed perfection doesn't move you. Authentic emotion does. 

You want a fun and fast-moving session that is genuinely enjoyable. 

You want unfussy pricing, with your images included. 

You're in the right place. 



 Because your memories, and the people in them, are worth it.  

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