• Michelle Thompson

A "Not Just Surviving, but Thriving" Challenge! | San Diego Family Photographer

Guys, let's make some lemonade out of lemons, shall we? Let's make some good things come out of this!

In the spirit of family fun, here's my "not just surviving, but thriving" challenge for you:

"join" my little family for an old-fashioned family board game night tomorrow!

Here's how to do it:

1) Tomorrow (Thursday night), pick a time between dinner and bedtime. For us, it will be 6:30.

2) UNPLUG! No tv, radio, computers, phones, etc. Put phones in another room, on silent if need be.

3) Gather around and play a board or card game together! Make it a special treat with a round of hot chocolate or tea.

4) Take a picture of your time together and share it on your social media, or with just friends and family if you're the more private type. Hashtag it with #familygamenight and/or #lemonsoutoflemonade to inspire and encourage others. ❤️

Have fun, and I"ll "see" you tomorrow night!