A Visual Guide to

Photo Session Sites

(Your Friends Haven't Used)

The beach is gorgeous, and Balboa Park a San Diego icon, but wouldn't you like something fresh for fall 2020? 

Here, four photo session sites you won't see hanging over everyone else's fireplace, too. 

Mt. Laguna

If you like rustic and cozy, this one's for you. Imagine your family here, decked out in the warm and spicy colors of fall - can't you just smell the pumpkin and cider?

Sure, it's a drive, but cap it off with dinner at Romano's in Julian to make a truly special evening of it.


The Enchanted Forest

Looking like a landscape you might 

see in a Dr. Seuss story,

this lovely eucalyptus grove is

slightly magical.


It's for you if you'd like a bit of

mysterious flair to your photos,

or just really have a thing for trees.


Bonus: it's pretty centrally located,

and parking is easy and plentiful.

This Quiet Corner of Balboa Park

Gorgeous sunset light, big trees, and easy access and parking make this little-used spot a strong contender for your next session.

What else is there to say?


This Lovely Canyon I Found,

Not Far From My Home

I can almost guarantee you'll be the first to hold your session on this surburban canyon trail (that's my daughter, modeling it for you).


This lush setting is also very lightly traveled,

so it will be yours to savor.

The Desert

Your eyes are not deceiving you,

there is no picture there.

But it's not a mistake - it's an invitation.

I've never held a session in the desert, my friends, but am looking for that client who loves a bit of adventure and a little roadtrip.

Fun post-session dinner at popular (but family-friendly) dive bar Carlee's in Borrego Springs and all that.


Will it be you?

"Ahh, I love the pictures!

I'm not a crier and these had me tearing up... thank you so much!"

- Kim

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